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"I have been a BMW fan for years. Every BMW I have ever owned gets it's fair share of aftermarket parts. However, none have pleased me as much as my DiMisaTips. They're affordable, easy to install, and make a huge impact. This is my kind of mod!"

Newport Beach, CA


"The fact that they're made to order makes them special to me. Plus, they're made especially for the 335 so there's no difficult adaptations needed to make them work."

Toronto, Ontario


"Before buying my DiMisaTips, I searched all over Europe and only came up with expensive options from my local dealerships. I am happy with my DiMisaTips because they're made of really great quality."

Freiburg, Germany


"My v 3.5 DiMisaTips improved the exhaust note and made my car look amazing. I am happy I didn't spend thousands on a new exhaust system."

Miami, Florida


"I added the v 4.0 DiMisaTips to my Borla Catback exhaust system and they made it growl even more. What a great product!"

Salem, VA


"There's only one DiMisaTip, period!"

Lugano, Switzerland