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About Us
What started out as a creative passion, has now become one of the most talked about products for BMW 328 & 335 vehicles. Using only the highest quality inox steel, DiMisaTips.com has delivered a brand of quality exhaust tips exclusively for the BMW 335. Having refined our product through extensive years of research and development, DiMisaTips.com has sold thousands of exhaust tip sets worldwide. These tips are corrosion resistant and every set produced possesses extremely high levels of carbon, thus ensuring toughness and durability for years to come. Most importantly, each set of DiMisa Tips have been developed exclusively for the BMW 328 & 335. This means a proper fit every time, no matter what.
We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. We reply to emails promptly, return every phone call, and provide order status updates as frequently as our customers desire. When you place an order online, with our easy to use website or via phone with the DiMisa office, we begin processing your order immediately. There are no long wait times and deliveries are equally seamless. All shipping is done via Fed Ex (with the exception of certain International locations), so you can rest assured your order will be delivered properly.
Last and certainly not least, every set of DiMisaTips is proudly handled by the DiMisa team, folks who happen to share the same passion for the BMW 328 & 335 as you do. 

If you have a custom project you'd like us to consider for a vehicle other than the BMW 328 & 335, please email us at DiMisaTips@gmail.com or call us at 561-420-0718. Depending on our schedule, we are receptive to new projects and custom commissioned work.